Send SMS with Company Name in Pakistan

Brand Name SMS Marketing - 100% Masking on all Networks - Branded SMS in Pakistan since 2010 - Host & Soft provides Bulk Branded SMS Solution.So you can Manage all SMS Marketing needs all at 1-Online portal. Scheduled SMS, API, Powerful Reporting are the core features of our System. You can send SMS with your company or Brand name. Either you have to promote your products. Or looking to send notifications through your system. We have got you covered with our Robust System. Now Build your Brand Name all over Pakistan & increase Reputation in the relevant Industry. Let create reader trust towards your business. Fond potential clients for your business with revolutionary branded SMS. Branded SMS are best solution for commercial or non-commercial organizations and educational institutes where speed and reliability of the content really matters. The response rate of this kind SMS is much better than non-branded sms sent by any ordinary mobile number.

Basic [SMS Units: 5,000]
  • 5,000 SMS
  • All Network Masking
  • 0.50/= PKR Rate
Standard [SMS Units: 10,000]
  • 10,000 SMS
  • All Network Masking
  • 0.45/= PKR Rate
Plus [SMS Units: 25,000]
  • 25,000 SMS
  • All Network Masking
  • 0.40/= PKR Rate
Premium [SMS Units: 50,000]
  • 50,000 SMS
  • All Network Masking
  • 0.35/= PKR Rate
EXTRA [SMS Units: 100,000]
  • 100,000 SMS
  • All Network Masking
  • 0.30/= PKR Rate
EXTRA + [SMS Units: 500,000]
  • 500,000 SMS
  • All Network Masking
  • 0.25/= PKR Rate
Business Plus [SMS Units: 1 Million]
  • 1 Million SMS
  • All Network Masking
  • 0.22/= PKR Rate

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